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Coursework for computer science GCSE set to be dropped amid fears of widespread cheating27 November 2017 • 7:29pm Coursework is set to be axed for computer science GCSEs after the exam watchdog uncovered answers to the assessments had been repeatedly leaked online.It is feared that an untold number of students may have been given undue assistance, with Ofqual finding dozens of examples where students were able to obtain answers on online forums and websites.

The problem is so severe that the regulator is preparing to void all coursework marks this summer, meaning the assessments - which count for 20 per cent of a student’s overall grade - will no longer count CPS Vision Ramping Up Instruction.The problem is so severe that the regulator is preparing to void all coursework marks this summer, meaning the assessments - which count for 20 per cent of a student’s overall grade - will no longer count.

Examples of malpractice included students posting the tasks on forums asking for help, with other members responding with detailed solutions and code which they could simply copy and paste.The leaks affect two year groups, the first of which will sit their final exams in 2018.The watchdog fears that both students and teachers may have been involved, and that the issue could continue to blight the subject unless significant changes to the course are made 50 Best Pre College Summer Technology Programs for High School nbsp.The watchdog fears that both students and teachers may have been involved, and that the issue could continue to blight the subject unless significant changes to the course are made."Students seeking solutions to the tasks are in clear breach of the rules set by the exam boards.

It is obvious malpractice,” a spokesman added."If the malpractice is not detected and the student receives credit for work that is not their own, then they will receive a mark - and potentially a grade - that does not reflect their true ability.In turn, this means other students who have followed the rules may be unfairly disadvantaged."Despite the exam boards' efforts, we think this year's non-exam assessment in GCSE computer science will be compromised.

"We think there is a real - and significant - risk that, left unchecked, results in next summer's computer science GCSEs will not provide a fair reflection of every student's knowledge, skills and understanding.

"We also think that the likely extent of malpractice may well compromise exam boards' ability to set grade boundaries and issue results on time.Similar problems are likely to arise in future years." Due to the ease with which students are able to cheat online, the regulator believes that it may nolonger be possible to include coursework marks in a student’s final grade.Instead, students would be asked to continue completing the assessments, but would not receive any credit for it.Simon Peyton Jones, of the British Computing Society, said: “ We have raised with Ofqual some serious concerns about the non-examined assessment regime for GCSE Computer Science, and are pleased to see the focused attention on the problem that has resulted.

“We have become increasingly concerned about the unintended consequences for evidence of how it is working has emerged.“The impact on teachers and students of extra workload and wasted time is clearly causing distress, and risks a long term negative impact for all involved.“The resulting situation makes a satisfactory way forward difficult to see.” "It is really unfortunate, but not completely surprising that something like this has happened," said Mark Lehain, director of the Parents and Teachers for Excellence campaign."Given the nature of online leaks, it is absolutely right that Ofqual has moved quickly to address the situation.

"I can completely understand the frustration and dismay that the vast majority of students and teachers who have played by the rules will feel."This will probably be heightened if Ofqual proceed with their preferred option, and insist that all students currently sitting the subject will still have to spend a minimum of 20 hours completing a non-exam assessment that won't count towards their final grade."However, it feels as though it is the fairest approach to a tricky situation." Related Topics 2018 Summer Programs 2018 Summer Programs More and more colleges and universities are offering short-term on-campus programs that offer a taste of what life would be like at their institution.Many offer a mixture of academic and social content, courses taught by tenured professors, and even an opportunity to earn credit.

These programs provide a fantastic way to discover college life and an enriching summer experience.The following is a selection of 2018 summer programs offered at colleges and universities around the world from our member institutions.Note - none of these programs have been endorsed by International ACAC.This is provided only as a resource guide for our members.Check the individual program websites for details, particularly concerning accommodations and guardianship.

College/University members - Submit your program here!July-August The Global Scholars Program (GSP) at African Leadership Academy is an overnight leadership experience for high school students from across the world.Students aged 13-19 spend 10 or 18 days with peers from around the world engaging in social entrepreneurship, design-thinking, social entrepreneurship, cross-cultural exchange, and adventure challenges prepare future leaders to create change across Africa and the world.A great opportunity for teens to learn about the beauty and diversity of South Africa.Asia & OceaniaMay 20-27 The Young Scholars Programme at Ashoka University, Delhi-NCR, India is a unique summer residential programme which introduces high school students to the idea of a liberal arts education.It is a certified, week-long, residential programme where students are exposed to different disciplines through experiential and hands-on learning.

The programme includes a range of activities including lectures, workshops, discussion groups, project-work, presentations and performances.This programme is for outstanding high school students who are studying in Class 11 and 12.With its unique interdisciplinary coursework taught by world-class faculty, this programme is an excellent introduction to the academic and cultural environment of college life at Ashoka University.Sunrise International Education: Online uly 9 – September 30 Horizon Academic is a trimester-long online research program for extraordinary high school students to refine their interest in an academic subject by developing a college-level research project under the individualized guidance of a professor from a globally renowned university, allowing them to stand out in their future academic n Scholars choose their own field of inquiry and work with their professor to develop a unique research proposal.After a trimester of reading, writing, and exploring, Horizon Scholars finish their final projects, most often a 20-25 page paper, that represents their very best work.

All Horizon Scholars will receive an assessment from their professor, and those who complete exemplary work may also receive a letter of recommendation from either their professor, T.

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Program Contact Email: [email protected] JCT4Education - FIJI SAT and Service Immersion Project: Fiji July 20-August 4 Join JCT4Education in partnership with Rustic Pathways on a once-in-a-lifetime SAT and Social Service immersion program in Fiji.Optional add-on: 8 days New ZealandJune 24-July 7 India’s leading international boarding school is offering a valuable summer educational experience which combines academic rigour with the energy and excitement of a summer camp.

Morning programmes provide a choice of a range of ways for students aged 10-18 to develop valuable experience TUJ invites high school students to a summer of language and cultural   week long, visits 10-12 different colleges and universities, and has between 20-28 student participants.   Over the five-day program, the students will have coursework in SAT   Architecture, Coding & App Design, Computer Science, Cyber-security,  .Morning programmes provide a choice of a range of ways for students aged 10-18 to develop valuable experience.

Programmes include Entrepreneurship; Leadership; Art for Change; English Masterclass; English Language Acquisition and Spanish Language Acquisition.Afternoons are dedicated to a wide range of fun and exciting activities Programs range from one to five days, and cost is about $100 per day.   Columbia College Chicago's High School Summer Institute is a three week, intensive arts program   Register by January 20, 2018 and receive a $100 discount.   and seniors to learn more about the future of internet, computing and programming..Afternoons are dedicated to a wide range of fun and exciting activities.Whether it’s honing skills in sport, learning robotics, or developing the best possible college application, there’s something to suit every student’s interests.Located in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, Woodstock School’s campus is situated in protected forest at an altitude of between 2,000 and 2,300 metres (6,500-7,500 feet) in the Indian Himalayas.

Courses cost from 45,000 INR (US $700) for a one-week course to 90,000 INR (US $1,400) for two week courses, including tuition, accommodation and meals and evening activities .Courses cost from 45,000 INR (US $700) for a one-week course to 90,000 INR (US $1,400) for two week courses, including tuition, accommodation and meals and evening activities.Session A: July 15-August 4; Session B: August 5-25 The UCC Summer Life program brings students from Canada and around the world to Toronto for a 3-week enrichment program.The Summer Life program comprises 3 sections: Junior (ages 10-11), Intermediate (12-13), Senior (14-15).Campers in the Junior and Intermediate divisions will choose from a wide variety of one-week day camps: soccer, golf, baseball, hockey, basketball, robotics, space, coding, game tech, theatre, dance, visual arts, debate and public speaking.Senior campers participate in a leadership-in-training program, stressing initiative, volunteerism, and mentorship.

Campers are accommodated in newly renovated and secure residences on a 40-acre campus in downtown Toronto.Vancouver Island University: Nanaimo, BC July and August We offer 3 summer camps for high school students, aged 14-18 years.

English Language Development Summer Camp July and August (students can attend between 1 to 8 weeks) -A mix of English classes and west coast Canadian activities For students who need to improve their English Language skills 2.Adventure Camp 2-week camp in July - Combines leadership training and survival skills with outdoor adventure, kayaking or hiking west coast trails.Key skills relate to goal setting, risk assessment and teamwork.University Pre-VIU - 2-week academically focused camp in July to prepare for university in Canada Attend classes taught by university professors in 6 faculties Navigate the process of university application and entrance Visit 4 public universities in British Columbia Participate in typical West coast outdoor activitiesJune 29-July 29 Greek Summer is an excellent choice for students eager to explore the world and themselves, to make a difference today and to develop their potential to be change makers in college and in their world.

Greek Summer participants have an opportunity for hands-on learning about sustainable living and agriculture during their ten days on our working farm.Our farm is nestled on the Aegean Sea and looks out to Mount Olympus.A particularly meaningful part of the program is the family stay in a traditional Greek village where students spend days exploring village life, conducting community service projects, and developing relationships with their Greek families and villagers that can last a lifetime.While changing the lives of their hosts, they change their own lives and perceptions - making this summer more than a simple vacation.We are in Greece, so experiences extend beyond the farm and the village to sample the rich culture and history that surrounds them.

Students summit Mount Olympus and sail the Aegean to visit some of the most beautiful islands in Greece.Their time in Greece fittingly closes bicycling around Athens in the shadow of the Acropolis.Past participants have viewed their time in the program as life-changing and cherish the memories and the relationships that they developed.This experience is like no other, building powerful memories while setting students apart.Greek Summer will give your students something to remember for a lifetime and to share with friends and family! Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne: Lausanne, Switzerland Take part in a series of workshops that offer an exciting blend of theory, practice and fun!Here are some of the activities on offer: - Explore the latest trends in the hospitality sector, - Become a chef for a day, - Learn what 'service excellence' and 'kitchen management' mean, - Find out what leadership is, - Improve your teamwork skills by taking part in a group exercise based on a real-life hospitality case study.

Various outings are also scheduled such as a visit to a five-star hotel and to a local vineyard in the Lausanne area.Our summer academy welcomes two English-speaking groups and one French-speaking group.Each group is composed of maximum 30 participants.EU Business School: Barcelona, Spain July 1-21 The International Summer School is a three-week program in Barcelona designed for young professionals, bachelor's students and recent university graduates.An excellent opportunity for students to expand their horizons and open the doors to their future career! Students attend business lectures such as Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Business Communication, as well as visiting companies in the Barcelona area, to provide them with a real insight into how successful businesses operate.

The rest of the program is packed full of cultural activities such as tapas tours and day trips to the beautiful city of Girona! Our students then spend the weekend exploring the city, enjoying the local gastronomy and relaxing on the beach.Imperial College London: London, United Kingdom August 6-18 Imperial on the lookout for the highest achieving students from all corners of the globe to join us for a challenging summer school experience.If your students are aged 16-17 years old, excel at science and maths and have strong English language skills, our two-week residential experience in the heart of London is a great way to develop their subject knowledge in science, engineering or medicine and add weight to a future university application.Jacobs University Bremen: Bremen, Germany July 29-August 4 The Jacobs University Summer Camp is an excellent opportunity for high school students to find out what it is like to study at an academically challenging, international, English-speaking university in Germany.We bring together young people from all over the world, to participate in workshops on the big issues facing modern societies today: from safeguarding the environment to democracy.

And of course, there are plenty of opportunities to unwind and have fun along the way, with excursions, sports activities, and a big final night party! The cost of the camp is 400.The fee includes room and board, excursions within the context of the program and participation in one workshop.Please note that travel costs to and from the camp and additional spending money are the responsibility of the participants.The application deadline is February 16, 2018.July 22-August 4 The 2018 Arts & Humanities ProgramOur program is open to students 13 - 18 years of age.

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Summer 2018 core courses feature Renaissance Art, and Ancient Roman Topography (a St.Both courses are held on-site in the city of Rome, allowing students to visit the significant monuments and sites in person, and to attain an in-depth knowledge of the city for the period in question.Students also enroll in a language course, either Italian or Latin .Students also enroll in a language course, either Italian or Latin.

The 2018 elective courses will include Creative Writing and 2D/3D Studio Art.

Student exhibitions and special performances will be held at the conclusion of the summer school session.A trip to Pompeii and other sites in the south of Italy is also included.University of Amsterdam: Amsterdam, Netherlands June/July/August Many of this year’s Summer School programmes offer students the unique chance to get to know Amsterdam from an academic perspective.International and local students can follow high-quality summer programmes that investigate thematic topics within the context of Amsterdam’s society, culture, architecture and infrastructure.More than 600 students from all over the world take part in our 27 English-taught summer courses each year.

The courses take place from June to August and are between 1 and 4 weeks long.Each course draws on interdisciplinary themes that are part of the UvA’s key research areas.Students from the pre-university up to the PhD level can join a summer programme that will build on their current studies or introduce a new subject area.University of Amsterdam: Amsterdam, Netherlands July 30 – August 9 Over the last few decades, the topic of identity has become central to many political debates and developments.The Black Lives Matter protests, Women's Marches, Brexit, the debates on multiculturalism and migration in Europe, and the resurgence of nationalist movements in Scotland and Calatonia are just a few examples that illustrate the growing importance of identity in politics.

But how should we understand identity? How do different aspects of identity relate to each other and to phenomena such as globalisation? And can identity help explain recent political developments? Are identity politics here to stay, or just a temporary measure? Program Contact Email: July 15-26 Cities change constantly.If you grew up in a city yourself, it is likely that over the years your neighborhood has gone through some significant transformations.These developments entail the stories from many citizens who came, lived in, and left the city over time.By examining these social and spatial changes we can analyze small bits of the city at a time.

What can we learn from the past? What major problems do cities deal with these days? Most importantly, what will the city bring us in the future? With neighborhoods gentrifying at a rapid speed, increasing rents, and a growing lack of affordable housing, how much longer will the city be a place for everyone? University of Bristol: Bristol, United Kingdom July 16-27 Dream of becoming a vet? Destination Vet is a rare opportunity to gain real-world experience, receive application advice and sample life in a UK vet school.

Join our unique two week summer school programme created to help students prepare for an undergraduate degree in Veterinary Science.Combining world-class teaching, clinical experience, admissions advice and interview skills you will work with students from across the world to build your own work experience portfolio.You will also take part in exciting social activities to give you a real taste of what life as a UK student is really all about! University of Bristol: Bristol, United Kingdom July 15 – August 4 A unique opportunity to gain new skills in laboratory techniques and deepen scientific knowledge.Application closes April 30 2018: Are you a Biomedical Sciences student who wants a career in research? Join our three-week summer school and gain invaluable preparatory research experience.The programme combines world-class teaching with hands-on lab experience.

You'll have the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art technology in the fields of: Physiology, Pharmacology, Neuroscience, Immunology, Microbiology, BiochemistryJune 17-23 The Alma College Global Challenge is a United Nations Security Council crisis simulation, addressing topics such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and the devastating effects of climate change.Students will represent the 15 countries on the Security Council, and work together to draft resolutions that outline solutions to the crisis at hand.By the end of the week students will understand the impact they can have in the world, and will have the tools to begin making a difference.Students will have a chance to: Gain a better understanding of the fast-paced and difficult tasks of UN representatives through negotiations, speeches, and drafting resolution sessions during the Security Council simulation, Develop research, public speaking, and leadership skills, Work with current student mentors from the Alma College Model UN Team, which has been recognized as the Outstanding Delegation 24 years in a row at the National Model UN Conference, Make connections with faculty members Dr.Sandy Hulme, the Alma College Model UN Director, and Dr.

Ed Lorenz, the Public Affairs Institute Director, Present their resolutions to family and friends at a closing reception, and share their accomplishments achieved throughout the week, Make lasting friendships with the participants and current Alma students, while learning about the incredible opportunities available at Alma College Cost: $350 NOTE: Prospective students who attend Global Challenge and ultimately enroll at Alma College will receive a $350 tuition credit on their account.Want to join us for an entire week? We’ve planned some fun, off-campus activities, including 2 nights in a hotel and tentatively a baseball game and a day at an amusement park! Stay for a full week for a total cost of $500 (camp costs included).Fox Valley Technical College: Appleton, WI July 9-August 17 Enhance your language skills and prepare for university study with this 6 week program.Participants will take courses focusing on speaking, reading, writing, and English for College Success.Field trips and cultural programing offered regularly for participantsMichigan Technological University: Houghton, MI June 17-August 4 Summer camp? Sort of.

Our programs aren't ordinary, and neither are our students.They build robots, perform chemical analyses, explore entrepreneurship, and explore ecosystems.They come from across the country and around the world to learn engineering, digital photography, molten metal casting, and more--all in an adventurous, fun, and hands-on way.For over 40 years, Michigan Technological University faculty, students, role models and other professionals have been leading Summer Youth Programs' middle school and pre-college explorations, as well as competitive scholarship programs.

Our programs are built around activities, field trips and team projects.There are many courses and explorations to choose from, including computing, engineering, humanities, outdoor and environmental studies and more! Over 1,000 students travel to Michigan Tech's campus each year from throughout the country and around the world; places such as South Korea, Canada, Spain, Japan, Bahrain and Pakistan to name a few! Northeast Wisconsin Technical College: Green Bay, WI July 9-28 This program is designed to give students an immersive language experience, and the daily schedule is the most structured with regular cultural outings.The cost includes the 3-credit English Program, Books, Housing, 2 Meals/Day, and Cultural Excursions.This program is tailored for lower-intermediate English speakers.July 14-25 Summer Scholars participants spend two weeks in one of 20 exciting programs of study.

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We keep the classes small and personal attention from Notre Dame faculty high.The coursework is a true preview of college academics: it is both rigorous and rewarding, and students earn one college credit upon the completion of a program track.Students collaborate on coursework outside designated class times, as they would in any college setting Help me do college coursework computer science online Academic A4 (British/European) British Writing.Students collaborate on coursework outside designated class times, as they would in any college setting.

There is also ample time to enjoy the social facets of college life, especially those unique to Notre Dame.Leadership Seminars explore topics in one of three areas affecting the global community: American Arts, Popular Culture, and Social Change; Global Issues: Towards a Just Peace; and Science, Ethics, and Responsibility.

The courses are centered around vibrant discussion and a robust exchange of ideas.In this context, students are encouraged to examine their own conclusions and hone their own leadership capacities by improving their communications and analytical skills.Expenses for students accepted to Leadership Seminars—including transportation to and from Notre Dame—will be paid for by the University ibecamerich.com/homework/where-to-get-an-chemistry-homework-us-letter-size-writing-from-scratch-85-pages-23375-words-without-plagiarism.Expenses for students accepted to Leadership Seminars—including transportation to and from Notre Dame—will be paid for by the University.Approximately 100 students are admitted to Leadership Seminars each year, and students are eligible to receive one college credit upon completion of the program.The Pennsylvania School for Global Entrepreneurship (PSGE) is now the IACOCCA GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP INTENSIVE for high school students at Lehigh University.

The Iacocca Global Entrepreneurship Intensive is a four-week residential entrepreneurial program that brings together American and international high school students from more than 64 different countries, make life-long friendships and study topics in global entrepreneurship, leadership, team building, innovation, creativity, and doing business around the world.One of the highlights of the program includes student marketing/business plan team projects with local business partners.Marist College: Poughkeepsie, NY & Florence, Italy Session I (NY): July 1-14 Session II (NY/Italy): July 15-28 Are you an academically motivated student interested in a once-in-a-lifetime experience? The Marist Summer Pre-College Programs provide rising high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to take a course in a field they are passionate about while getting a taste of college life.Summer Pre-College is a wonderful opportunity for students to get a head start in college by earning 3-6 college credits and living at Marist’s campus in the Historic Hudson River Valley.Students will be working and residing with diverse classmates from around the world! They will reside in campus residence halls, enjoy meals in our dining hall, and explore different careers they might like to pursue.Professionally, Pre-College graduates gain the skills and confidence essential for success, regardless of where they plan to study in the future.Students will work one-on-one with Marist faculty and admission representatives, creating an outstanding support network as they continue their college search process.July 9-August 17 OR May 21-June 29 Our Salem State University summer Intensive English Language and Culture Program combines intensive language immersion with cultural experiences and excursions.With six levels of English, we are able to meet the needs of all learners.

With a historic seaside campus 18 miles from Boston, we are able to expose students to the rich history of both Salem and Boston.Salem, Massachusetts was founded in 1626 and is not only known for the historic witch trials but as a hub of trade and commerce.We have a world-class museum in Salem, the Peabody Essex, which we use as a learning laboratory for our students.We are also Nathaniel Hawthorne's birthplace and home to the House of the Seven Gables that inspired this literary classic.

Our location at the edge of the ocean also provides access to regional fishing and whaling museums and Salem State's Cat Cove Marine Laboratory if this is a desirable theme for language electives.

Through differentiated instruction and scaffolding theme and task-based learning, we are able to weave the culture and history of the US, the New England region, and historic Salem into our coursework.There are also numerous beaches and parks in Salem that lend themselves to exploration and integration into dynamic courses that emphasize academic preparation through integrated skills and language immersion.We have new dormitories with apartment-style rooms, and a full cafeteria for meals.Some dormitories have cooking facilities if that is requested.We bring this mission to each of our pre-college summer programs.Summer students explore their passions and create dynamic work alongside a talented and engaged community of peers in the areas of Creative Writing, Filmmaking, Social Justice, and Assistive Technology.They connect their passions with the wider world and see firsthand how their endeavors improve our community.Working closely with top-notch faculty, students gain real-time feedback, which keeps them plugged into the latest industry trends.Outside of classes, field trips and social activities foster new friendships and allow students to explore the greater NYC area.

Both day and residential options are available on our beautiful, wooded campus in Bronxville, Westchester County, New York, half an hour north of midtown Manhattan.Programs vary in length from one to five weeks.Many students use the work they create at Sarah Lawrence in their college application portfolios.More information about each program is available online.We accept registrants on a first-come, first-served basis.

June–August Stevens Pre-College programs provide high school students with academic and social enrichment programs to experience a collegiate atmosphere first-hand and explore a potential college major.Participants live on campus in residence halls, participate in academic modules and research projects taught by Stevens faculty and make lifelong friendships.Our programs are for rising Juniors and Seniors, range from one to two weeks in length and offer more than just an in-class experience.We provide a well-rounded experience to ensure students a growing both academically and socially.While a large portion of their time is spent in class and doing research, we make sure to plan off-campus excursions, social programming on campus, and all programs participate in a farewell dinner cruise on the Hudson River.

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In addition, students have the opportunity to develop their critical thinking and public speaking skills by working on research projects throughout the week which they present to their peers and their families on the final day of the program.We offer over 20 sessions in 13 different subject areas including: Engineering, Architecture, Coding & App Design, Computer Science, Cyber-security, Business, Pre-Med, Pre-Law, Virtual Reality, Electronic Music Production, Game Design and more!Visit our website for more information.July 1-21 The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) is once again hosting the Summer Academy program in July 2018!The Academy program is a short-term cultural learning and university preparation experience for international high school students beginning or ending the equivalent of grades 9th, 10th and 11th About 200 CPS elementary schools already have a high school algebra   inquiry, connects to present-day issues, and includes diverse perspectives.   CPS has become a national leader in computer science education since   Beginning in 2015, students who graduated high school prepared for college-level coursework  .July 1-21 The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) is once again hosting the Summer Academy program in July 2018!The Academy program is a short-term cultural learning and university preparation experience for international high school students beginning or ending the equivalent of grades 9th, 10th and 11th.

Academy participants will tour local colleges and universities, attend workshops on various U.college and university topics such as admission and academic success skills, have meetings and lectures with department faculty, and more Keywords—high school computer science; Exploring Computer Science;   The NSF-funded Taste of Computing project in Chicago was one of the first to   that they'll take additional computer science coursework in high school?   Typically, computer science courses at both high school and college levels have been taught  .college and university topics such as admission and academic success skills, have meetings and lectures with department faculty, and more.Program participants will also engage in fun on and off-campus cultural and recreational activities Keywords—high school computer science; Exploring Computer Science;   The NSF-funded Taste of Computing project in Chicago was one of the first to   that they'll take additional computer science coursework in high school?   Typically, computer science courses at both high school and college levels have been taught  .Program participants will also engage in fun on and off-campus cultural and recreational activities.-bound, the Academy program is a great opportunity for them to sample the variety of higher education institutions here in the Northeast New York City area.

We will be offering one full scholarship and a limited number of partial scholarships.For more information on the program, please contact Amanda Simpson by email at [email protected] or at [email protected] .Participants attending a YYGS session in New Haven can expect an amazing summer experience studying in beautiful campus lecture halls and classrooms, living in Yale’s historic residential colleges, eating in award-winning dining halls, meeting a talented community of fellow students, engaging with world-renowned professors, and interacting with extraordinary visiting practitioners.Participants attending a YYGS session in Beijing, China will have the opportunity to experience Yale’s world-renowned education while exploring one of the most culturally-vibrant and influential cities in the world.

In addition to bringing some of Yale’s most renowned professors to China, this session will take advantage of its location by inviting distinguished professionals with real-life experience to lecture on relevant, important issues.Students will also have the opportunity to visit significant cultural sites, such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.YYGS-Beijing is limited to 90 students, making an intimate atmosphere for students to learn and make connections with their instructors and peers.This is the third year YYGS is offering a session in China, but the first time it is doing so during the summer.une 18 - July 27 Over the summer, Florida Tech has two tracks designed to give you a head start on your flight training that complies with FAA Regulations for a Restricted Airline Transport Pilot Certificate.

Track 1 PPL (Private Pilot License) Track 2 Commercial Time Building.George Washington University: Washington, DC Dates vary by program High school students in the Pre-College Program spend a summer in Washington, D., taking advantage of GW's expertise in global development, international relations, public policy and administration, politics, diplomacy, history, biomedical engineering, museum studies and the arts.Top-tier faculty guide, inspire and empower students through immersive programs that connect academic experience with real-world practice.

Our summer programs are intensive and exciting, allowing students to experience the academic rigors of learning in a college environment.They are academically-challenging courses that integrate lectures and seminars with exploration of area organizations.Pre-College also offers a transformative introduction to college life.Students develop confidence in their ability to become part of a new community, participating in recreational and social activities while making friends with peers from around the world.

Maryville College: Maryville, TN Summer 2: July 2 - August 10 Comprehensive: Considerably improve your speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar.

Twelve different levels available at Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level.Intensive: 25 hours of English language instruction per week.Small class sizes (average 6 students per class) for more personalized attention.Immersive: Learn about and be immersed in the American culture and English language and share your own culture.Use your English skills in a real-world setting.

Flexible: Customized programs for groups of 10 or more students available by request.Choice classes may include Survival skills, TOEFL Preparation, Pronunciation, Business English, American Culture, English idioms and Academic Writing.Choice classes focus on improving the specific skills you need.Fun: Enjoy the beautiful East Tennessee nature and landscape, summer sports, activities and cultural events.Each week includes one or more cultural excursion, service opportunity or event!July 14-August 11 International Academy is a short-term summer program for international students aged fifteen to eighteen years old.It aims to provide an immersive experience in a top-ranked global university to improve students’ skills and prepare them for further studies abroad.Students of International Academy will select an accounting or engineering track.For the last eleven years, accounting at The University of Texas at Austin (UT) has ranked number one in the United States.International Academy students of accounting will gain exposure to the practice business in the US, learn from business experts, make company visits, and gain skills in business English and US culture.

In UT’s Cockrell School of Engineering, nine undergraduate programs are internationally recognized as top-ranked.International Academy students of engineering will get hands-on experience identifying and solving engineering problems and improve their scientific written and oral communications in English.Program Contact Email: [email protected] U.– West Varied dates during June & July Our two-week residential programs are designed in close partnership with renowned faculty to help high school students explore academic passions, evolve as individuals, and discover what it means to have the heart of an LMU Lion.

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Our 2018 programs will explore topics like environmental science, the myth of the American West in literature and film, political science themes, sports and entertainment business, and entrepreneurship.Many programs also include an excursion in the Los Angeles area.Please visit our website for detailed course descriptions Summer Programs for High School Students Fastweb.Please visit our website for detailed course descriptions.

UC Berkeley Extension: Berkeley, CA June 18-August 10 (8-week); July 2-August 10 (6-week); August 27-December 14 (Fall Term) UC Berkeley Extension's College Foundations Program prepares high school juniors and seniors or recent high school graduates for university study.

Students take part in college-level courses to build English skills, become familiar with U.university classroom discussions and assignments and boost TOEFL and SAT scores.In addition, CFP students receive personal college admissions advising and guidance.Current high school students can choose to attend CFP for a summer term, while recent high school graduates are encouraged to apply for the fall or spring semester or a full academic year (spring and fall), sometimes called a "gap year.

"Dates vary Science Discovery offers an extensive array of immersive summer experiences for high school students.Students can choose between 1, 2, 3 and 4-week programs.All programs provide students with a chance to collaborate with CU Boulder faculty and graduate students, while working in CU STEM-based facilities.University of Oregon: Eugene, OR February/March and August/September The Oregon Experience Program (OEP) is designed exclusively to help international students explore American university life, learn about topics related to sustainability and health, and connect with the culture and people of Oregon.In four weeks, students will develop intercultural connections, explore global issues, and receive hands-on experience while becoming familiar with the University of Oregon, the city of Eugene, and the state of Oregon.

We offer 2-week and 4-week options in the summer and a 3-week option over Spring Break.The OEP is open to 16 years olds and above.Late June Through August The Pioneer Research Program offers college-level research opportunities to exceptional, motivated high school students globally.Selected students work one-on-one with leading professors in cutting-edge study of their interests, culminating in original research and authoritative evaluations from their professors.The Program is conducted entirely online, allowing high school students from all over the world to participate.

More than 800 students from 27 countries researching in more than 20 academic areas have participated in the Program in the past six years.Varied dates: late-June—early-August Offering summer pre-college and internship programs for high school students.We partner with 14 esteemed universities throughout the United States and England.The university faculty are responsible for teaching all courses offered to students.Internships take place in New York City, Boston, and London.

Students choose from 25 career fields and we customize placement with a partner company that supplies a supervisor/mentor, projects, tasks, and hands-on experiences in the field.College credit is available for 6-week programs at UCLA, UCSB, UPenn, Colorado Scholars, Cambridge, and all internships.Make your summer count - attend a summer program! Elizabeth Hoyt April 12, 2018 If you haven’t decided how to spend your summer, you may want to think about the possibility of participating in a summer program.Not only is it an exciting way to spend your summer, but you’ll get to experience life on a college campus, explore new and exciting fields you may want to pursue as for college majors, make friendships with students from around the globe and, perhaps, even earn college credit for the courses you take.

If summer programs interest you, you should act soon! Application deadlines come early in the year.

To get you started on the process, check out the following directory of popular summer programs for high school students.Keep in mind that, if you do not like any of the programs listed below, there’s no need to worry.There are hundreds of summer programs offered each year at colleges all over the country.No matter where you live or what your interests are, chances are that there’s a program offered at a college near you.Summer Programs For High School Students: Academic Connections at the University of California – San Diego This three week program helps prepare high-achieving high-school students for success by allowing them to experience college-level academics.

Students are able to immerse themselves in study of a particular academic subject taught by graduate students and/or renowned faculty researchers within the field of study.The program is specific to college-bound high school students, so students must be in high school, grades 9-12, and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.American Collegiate Adventures American Collegiate Adventures offers programs in both the United States and abroad.The programs range anywhere from one to five weeks, all of which are details on their web site (linked below).

Their 4-week program, for example, takes place over the summer in Wisconsin and details the college admissions process.Academic Enrichment by Westcoast Connection Westcoast Connection offers Pre-College Enrichment programs for high school students, featuring an all-encompassing blend of interactive courses, engaging instructors combined with exciting day trips and excursions.With programs on the campus of UCLA in Los Angeles, McGill in Montreal, Barcelona and Florence, students have the opportunity to prepare for college and their future career path in an inclusive learning and social environment.Upon conclusion of summer courses, students will receive either a certificate of completion or college credit, which is available on select programs.Students interested in exploring the executive, design and marketing aspects of fashion work towards becoming the next generation of industry professionals with Westcoast Connection’s Additionally, from Costa Rica to Spain, immersive language programs prioritize an emphasis on both classroom and experiential learning.

Discover why Westcoast Connection’s summer experiences are optimal for high school students in supporting their college preparedness.

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Bentley University Summer Athletic Camps Bentley University’s Summer Athletic Camps have earned the reputation as being one of New England’s the best teaching camps for athletics.The college offers summer athletic camps for high school students within the sports of basketball, volleyball, field hockey and more.Providing both a fun and interactive setting, along with state-of-the-art facilities, Bentley’s camps offer students an opportunity to learn games strategies and skills from quality players and top coaches Here are some summer job programs for high school students.   courses, engaging instructors combined with exciting day trips and excursions.   The courses do transfer as electives to Columbia College of Chicago and to some other   summer program for 10th-11th grade girls to learn computer science, get exposure to  .Providing both a fun and interactive setting, along with state-of-the-art facilities, Bentley’s camps offer students an opportunity to learn games strategies and skills from quality players and top coaches.

California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS) California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS) is a four-week summer residential program that gives high school students who have demonstrated skills within STEM subjects (science, technology, mathematics and engineering) opportunities to explore beyond their usual high school curriculum.

Students are able to work on advanced topics with renowned faculty members, scientists and researchers as well as experience state-of-the-art lab environments and facilities.Participants will also have the opportunity to take university-level courses and gain an awareness of both educational and career options within the STEM fields Summer Opportunities Information Riverside Brookfield High School.Participants will also have the opportunity to take university-level courses and gain an awareness of both educational and career options within the STEM fields.The students attending the program live in campus housing with other program participants.Full and partial scholarships are available.Carnegie Mellon University – Summer Programs for Diversity Carnegie Mellon’s Pre-College programs allow students to explore college life both in the classroom and outside to see what’s going on outside of campus.

Students are able to mingle with people from all over the world and participate in exciting summer activities that include architecture, art, design, drama, music and even advanced placement and early admission.The best part? There are no tuition housing or dining fees for students who are selected to attend the Summer Programs for Diversity! Carnegie Mellon University – Summer Academy for Math + Science (SAMS) The SAMS programs if for high school students entering their junior or seniors year of high school who are interested in math-based disciplines, such as engineering or science.The hands-on six-week program takes place at Carnegie Mellon University and focuses on technical areas of study, building on both academic and personal skills which are required for admission to top colleges and universities.Columbia College of Chicago – Summer at Columbia Columbia College of Chicago’s Summer at Columbia offers college level courses to students who have completed their sophomore, junior or senior years of high school but have not yet attended college and are interested in the fields of art and communications.The courses do transfer as electives to Columbia College of Chicago and to some other colleges or universities, depending on the discretion of the particular school.

Students even have the option of living on campus.If you would like to apply for housing, options are limited, so early application is encouraged.There is an extra cost for housing, which includes a meal plan.Program participants are able to choose from a variety of courses, all of which take place in July.Concordia Language Villages Concordia Language Villages is a language and culture education program.

Their mission is to prepare young people for responsible citizenship in the global community.The villages have adopted an innovative approach using immersion techniques to teach language.Participants may choose from 15 world language programs: Arabic, Chinese, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.Programs are offered for every age and level of ability as well.Cornell Summer College Cornell Summer College offers both three- and six- week pre-college programs for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Program participants are able to earn anywhere from three to six college credits, work with world renowned Cornell faculty, attend college fairs, receive one-on-one admissions counseling and experience college life first hand.Students are also able to experience living within a residence hall and a roommate, meeting other students from more than 40 countries and enjoy summer activities.Duke University’s TIP Academy for Summer Studies Duke University’s TIP Academy for Summer Studies provides students with an academic and social experience so that they are able to experience both challenging coursework and build lasting friendships with other academically gifted students.The program is available to the top five percent of students within a grade level and all courses were developed with gifted students in mind.Only students within grades 7-10 are eligible for the academy.

The summer studies take place at various sites including Rice University, University of Georgia, Wake Forest University and Duke University.Experience Christendom Summer Program (ECSP) The Experience Experience Christendom Summer Program (ECSP), is a program which attracts students from all across the country and various foreign countries.Students attend the Front Royal, VA, campus for a week (Sunday through Saturday) and take part in academic, social, recreational, and spiritual activities, led by current students as counselors.They come away with a new appreciation for the Catholic faith and culture, and are exposed to the transformative power of a truly Catholic liberal arts education.

Each year, high school students spend a week on campus and, by the end of the week as “one of the best weeks of their lives,” and have ranked the program on average 4.

The program consists of an average of 45-50 students in each session and runs six of these one-week sessions.The cost of the program fairly inexpensive and generous financial aid is given to students who request it/qualify.The program is for students who will be entering their senior year of high school in the fall.

Registration for the 2018 Experience Christendom Summer Programs is now open.Note: the past three years have had waiting lists, so if you’re interested, don’t delay in signing up! Learn more about the Experience Christendom Summer Program.Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Programs Girls Who Code is “a national non-profit organization dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology.” Their Summer Immersion Programs combine project-based learning with aspects like networking and connecting with females at top tech companies.The free, seven-week program is open to current high school sophomores and junior girls.

During the summer programs, girls will learn coding and gain exposure to jobs in the tech industry.

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The programs are in various cities throughout the nation.According to the site “The Summer Immersion Program is a FREE 7-week summer program for 10th-11th grade girls to learn computer science, get exposure to tech jobs and join a supportive sisterhood of thousands of girls across the US! It is an introductory computer science course and no previous experience is required.We welcome all eligible applicants who have an interest in technology and a willingness to learn!” Applications for the 2018 Summer Immersion Program are open now so you can apply today Program of Studies 2016 2017 The University of Chicago Laboratory nbsp.We welcome all eligible applicants who have an interest in technology and a willingness to learn!” Applications for the 2018 Summer Immersion Program are open now so you can apply today.

The site also details that the application consists of one short answer question.

Girls Who Code does not ask for your grades or any recommendations Chicago Public Schools. Chicago   additional computer science coursework in high school? Subsequent to   both high school and college have been taught in this abstract way [9].   example, Eccles [20] conducted a longitudinal study of around   were absent on the day that the survey was administered, teachers made  .Girls Who Code does not ask for your grades or any recommendations.Harvard’s Pre-College Program & Secondary School Program (SSP) If you’re wondering what college is like, Harvard offers college programs just for high school students who are curious.Harvard’s high school programs allow you to take real courses along with college students and actually earn college credit ibecamerich.com/research-paper/best-websites-to-purchase-an-social-sciences-research-paper-academic-3-days-writing.Harvard’s high school programs allow you to take real courses along with college students and actually earn college credit.You’ll be able to learn about subjects they don’t teach within your high school curriculum, study with Harvard faculty, have use of Harvard labs and other state-of-the-art libraries and equipment.While you’re there, you’ll meet other students from around the work, attend college prep events and participate in fun and exciting activities.

The program is open to high school students who meet the application and admission criteria (see the web site for details; linked below).Financial aid is available for qualifying students.University of Florida – Humanities and the Sunshine State Humanities and Sunshine State: (Re)Discovering Florida’s Waters is described as “a one-week residential academic program in June for rising high school juniors and seniors that explores what the humanities teach us about the cultural, social, and economic significance of water in Florida life.Motivated students interested in learning beyond their traditional high school classroom are encouraged to apply.All high school academic concentrations and career interests are welcome.

” Support for this program was provided through a grant from the Florida Humanities Council with funds from the National Endowment for the Humanities with additional funding from the Rothman Endowment of the Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Florida.Check the below website for program details, including application materials and costs.Indiana University – High School Journalism Institute (HSJI) Indiana University’s High School Journalism Institute (HSJI) was designed for high school students who would like to explore the field of journalism as an academic or career interest.Students are able to participate in a series of five-day workshops (not for credit) that examine subjects involving the journalism field.

Participants will examine the role of the media, analyze their own and other student publications, and develop the skills needed to produce quality publications.Workshop participants will learn, develop and grow new skills or sharpen their existing talents.Additionally, some will even begin to prepare their own schools’ publications and media projects for the coming school year.Miami University of Ohio – Summer Scholars Program Miami of Ohio’s Summer Scholars Program is an intense two-week program providing an early college experience for academically gifted rising high school juniors and seniors.Students who participate in the program can expect to become immersed within an academic setting focused around a specific topic of interest, learning alongside the college’s leading faculty and experts.

Additionally, participants will be provided with a complete collegiate experience through living in a residence hall, eating within a dining hall and enjoying access to all campus facilities.Workshops on college processes such as the college admissions process, financial aid, test prep, college essay writing and applying for scholarships are also available.Mathcamp Mathcamp is an intensive five-week summer program in which students are able to explore various principles of mathematics.Students are able to learn about undergraduate and graduate-level topics while bonding with a diverse group of people who share the common love of mathematics.The program offers courses, problem-solving sessions and lectures by leading mathematicians.

The program is open to students ages 13 to 18.A qualifying quiz is required of all applicants.Mathcamp is free to students with qualifying family incomes.National Youth Science Camp (NYSC) The National Youth Science Camp (NYSC) is an intense month-long camp for young scientists the summer after high school graduation.Students must demonstrate academic proficiency in either mathematics or the sciences as well as other documented leadership skills.Located within a rustic setting, students from around the country are challenged in lectures, hands-on studies and are able to participate in an outdoor adventure program.Because special events are planned to surprise participants each day, the camp does not publish detailed program calendars.

New England Center for Investigative Reporting Now in its eighth year, the New England Center for Investigative Reporting will conduct three two-week sessions to teach teenagers, between the ages 14 – 18, the basic skills of investigative reporting and allow them the opportunity to work on reports to add to their portfolios.

The first session for the Investigative Reporting Summer Workshop starts at the beginning of the summer.Every summer, students have the opportunity to learn from award-winning journalists and hear from guest speakers such as Mike Rezendes of The Boston Globe who was played by Mark Ruffalo in the movie Spotlight.New York Film Academy’s Summer Film and Acting Camps These immersion workshops range from four-week programs to full-year programs.Programs are designed to introduce students of all ages to the creative and technical demands of telling stories with moving images.Students have the opportunity to write, direct, shoot, edit and, even, star within short films, depending upon the student’s interest.

Award-winning instructors, abundant equipment and small classes provide students with the individual attention and support necessary to complete their own work.Rhode Island School of Design Pre-College Program (RISD) The six-week RISD summer Pre-College Program introduces high school students to the focused curriculum of a college of art and design experience.

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Program participants follow college-level studio curriculum are immersed in experiencing the elements of a complete RISD education in one of the school’s 21 majors.Students live in residence halls, attend social activities and study a particular subject in the fine or visual arts.Participants must be high school students between the ages of 16-18 years old The following information will help your school district offer the coursework necessary to   will have taken the following minimum number of courses during high school:   that the Advanced Placement computer science course  qualifies as a   successfully completed, they may accumulate up to 20 units by graduation time..

Participants must be high school students between the ages of 16-18 years old.

Smith College Precollege Summer Programs Smith College Precollege Summer programs offer intellectually stimulating and unique opportunities for high school girls and international students who wish to pursue their academic interests in the classroom and beyond.Annually the programs offer around 200 young women the freedom to explore challenging and intriguing subjects to strengthen their college applications and increase exposure to undergraduate experiences.Each summer, Smith welcomes young women from many nationalities and diverse racial and socio-economic backgrounds that together form an extraordinary intellectual community.The learning environment is hands-on, collaborative, exploratory, challenging and rich in role models.Professors who are excellent scholars offer personal attention in the classroom while encouraging students’ interests and passions, helping them to develop their academic skills.

Programs include Science and Engineering; Young Women’s Writing Workshop; Discovering Women’s History; Field Studies for Sustainable Futures and a College Admission Workshop.Smith College is a place where young women are taken seriously and inspired to excel—as scholars, scientists and leaders.Summer Study Programs The Summer Study Programs at a variety of schools like, Georgetown, UCLA, and Cambridge, combine academically challenging courses with the fun and excitement of campus and study abroad life.High school students can choose from a variety of programs, ranging from 2 to 6 weeks.Summer Science Program (SSP) For over fifty years, the Summer Science Program in Ojai, California, has enlightened selected high school students in advanced college-level topics in astronomy, physics, calculus and programming.

In turn, students are able to develop both intellectually and socially while being challenged academically.The program takes place on three campuses: at the New Mexico Institute of Technology in Socorro, University of Colorado, Boulder and Purdue University.Summer Term @Ross According to the site, Summer Term @Ross is a “world-class program located in safe, idyllic East Hampton, New York.Our unique offerings balance rigorous academic courses with relaxation and time at the beach, cultural events, shopping, and day trips to vibrant New York City.Studying at Ross while also exploring the Hamptons and surrounding areas is a fantastic and fulfilling way to make friends from around the world and get a head start on realizing your academic potential and preparing for your college experience!” Programs offered for students ages 12-18 are Mandarin Immersion, Design and Invention, Marine Science, ESOL, Mathematics, and Tennis.

They are designed for both day and boarding students, and will run for six weeks from July to August on the East Hampton campus.Telluride Association Summer Programs (TASP) TASP is a six-week educational experience for high school juniors.Students participate in seminars led by college and university members and participate in educational and social activities outside the classroom.Telluride Association seeks students from all kinds of educational backgrounds who share a passion for learning – students who attend want both a personal and intellectual challenge.The programs offer no grades or college credit.

Telluride Association Summer Programs are completely free; every student awarded a place in a TASP attends the program on a full housing, dining and tuition scholarship.Tufts Summer Study for High School Students Tufts attracts top high school students who wish pursuing academic excellence while gaining a head start on their college career.Tufts summer study programs offer benefits like small affordable tuition, small course sizes, financial assistance, college credit options and more.The programs offered to high school students include: Tufts Summer Writing Program, Foundation of Law & Ethics, Health Science Honors, Biomedics Inquiry through Sequencing (BIOSEQ) and College Courses for Seniors.University of Chicago – The Young Scholars Summer Program (YSP) The University of Chicago’s Department of Mathematics offers an enrichment program, entitled the Young Scholars Program, which focuses on the subject of mathematics.

The Summer Program is a free four-week day camp; mainly for Chicago Public School students (select suburban and private school students are admitted) from 7th to 12th grade.Students attend daily seminars given by University professors and solve mathematics problems based on these seminars.Topics include number theory, theory of field extensions, geometry and probability.University of Dallas High School Summer Programs The University of Dallas’ programs use European travel to stimulate careful reading, writing and thinking about life’s most serious questions.The programs offer college credit and are held on our main campus in Irving, TX and sister campus in Rome, Italy.They’re designed to show students the great and lasting pleasures that accompany a good educational experience.Courses are led by experienced university faculty and staff.University of New Hampshire Upward Bound Summer Program University of New Hampshire Upward Bound Summer Program was created to help eligible students achieve their goal of higher education through a free, federally funded, college preparatory program.

During their six-week summer residential program, students live on the campus of the University of New Hampshire and take academic courses, participate in enriching activities, receive tutoring as well as attend career workshops, college visits and help through navigating the college application process and financial aid system.University of Pennsylvania Programs for High School Students Penn’s summer programs combine rigorous classroom and lab work with a wide range of social activities, trips and tours.Opportunities are available for those wishing to live on campus or commute.Penn’s summer programs for high school students provide a college-level experience that eases the transition from high school to college.